About The McGhee Foundation

Our History

After a lifetime of public service, Ambassador George Crews McGhee and his wife Cecilia DeGolyer McGhee retired to their historic country estate, Farmer’s Delight Plantation, amidst their mementos from a lifetime of public service and travel. Wanting to share their beloved home and collections with others, Ambassador McGhee established The McGhee Foundation in 2002 as a public 501(c)(3) organization chartered to protect and preserve the historical, horticultural, and agricultural heritage of the plantation.

Ambassador McGhee served as the President of the Board of Directors for the Foundation from its inception until his death in 2005. Through his will he bequeathed approximately 90 acres of his estate, including the Manor House, gardens, arboretum, and barns, to The McGhee Foundation for use in securing his vision. In addition to the grounds, the Foundation inherited the mementos of the McGhees’ love of travel: collections of African and Latin American artifacts and artwork, an assortment of antiquities and furniture, an extensive collection of geologic specimens from around the world, and a library collection focusing on history (particularly Virginia history), philosophy, the arts, the Cold War, and world cultures. Ambassador and Mrs. McGhee’s personal papers also were included in the bequest, consisting of decades of correspondence, photograph albums and scrapbooks, and manuscripts of the Ambassador’s writings.

Today The McGhee Foundation serves as the steward of historic Farmer’s Delight Plantation and continues to expand and broaden the capabilities of the organization and facilities as funding permits. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is the full employment of the plantation buildings and grounds in meaningful historical, educational, and scholarly pursuits, with a view to opening the facilities for general enjoyment of the community. The Foundation therefore seeks funding from a variety of sources to support operational expansion and capital restoration and improvements.


Our Mission:

The McGhee Foundation is the steward of Farmer’s Delight Plantation in Middleburg, Virginia, maintaining and developing the historic property to provide a community venue for educational and cultural programs in history, horticulture, and agriculture.


Our Programs and Operations

To this end, The McGhee Foundation is working toward its strategic goals through the following programs and objectives:

Historical OperationsHorticultural OperationsAgricultural Operations